hint as to whether he will land on the doorstep today, or two weeks

month's allowance; and the next time somebody mentions pickled limes,

Do you know about that one scandalous blot in my career the time I ran give her linseed oil and whisky. But we have an awful suspicion

26th March SIR: Having completed the study of argumentation and the science

out a bit different from any other ordinary person. I may end by A. Chemistry.

There's Jimmie calling for me to come canoeing. Goodbye--sorry to

and from nobody else in the world. Wouldn't it be possible for me

confiding soul by nature; if I didn't have you to tell things to,

then I could come and visit you every day, and read aloud and plump up

I meant to cheer you up--and instead I have to cheer myself.

leaving chemistry--having completed the course in qualitative analysis--

wrinkles up the corners of his mouth. And he has a way of making

I don't believe that I shall recover for months from the bewildering

What do you think, Daddy? The Self-Government Association has